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Frequently asked questions

How are you different from GrubHub and Uber Eats?

We don't split the revenue - you keep all the profits! Our model charges the customer $1 for every $30 they spend so you can keep everything you make.

Can I do delivery through Foodies Takeout?

Yes, our system is set up so you can handle your own delivery using your own drivers. This model works for many of our restaurants because they can easily control the quality of the food, who is taking the order, and if it's going directly to the customer's home. If you experienced layoffs because of the pandemic, this is another way to hire back your workers.

What are the benefits to signing up?

  • Menu set-up and loaded onto the platform
  • Branded site design
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money deposited daily
  • Free month of social media management
  • iPad and printer set up and training
  • Training for team on how to use dashboard

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! Everything is completely free to you. If you choose to receive your orders via a printer, you will incur a cost of $200 which covers the cost of the printer itself. This is optional and dependent on the need of your kitchen.

Can I make changes to my menu easily?

Yes, we offer you full access to your dashboard where you can make menu changes, process refunds, run data reports, and create coupons among other things. You can also contact your Foodies Takeout representative and they will make any requested change.

What can I do if I'm getting too many orders and can't keep up?

On the iPad you can customize the preparation time from 10 minutes to 60 minutes if your kitchen is getting backed up. If you are completely overwhelmed and cannot handle any online orders you can also disable the iPad completely until you are ready to receive orders again.

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